DINCO Modelado 3D Minería

DINCO: 3D Modelling for mining and other industries

Building a business is starting an idea from scratch, with all the challenges this implies. The beginning of a project always causes one to find emotions such as worries if it will be successful or not, will it satisfy clients? Will the requirements of a market in particular (such as mining and 3D Modeling) be met? Will it be successful on a financial level? That was the first challenge at DINCO.

The creation of DINCO (Contracting and Engineering Development) was no exception. In their beginnings more than 15 years ago, their founders found themselves assaulted by several doubts of this nature, however, they had a clear vision and objective: satisfy the market demand with high quality products and be the most efficient supplier of structure and platework in the world.

Is necessary to say that, even through the obstacles that implies found a business step by step, the trajectory of both founding members, father and son, gave them a backup and important support; both were engineers with a defined vision, join with field experiences, both put the project on the right tracks.

DINCO was born in the year of 2005 thanks to the innovative and interesting vision of both founders, focusing on providing the Metal-Mechanic Industry precise and trustworthy solutions, including mining and 3d Modeling.

Their creators are two engineers, who started with a mechanical mounting, industrial maintenence and engineering project operation; since then, the operation growth has been defined as one of diversifying the clients catalog with total reinvesting decision, which has allowed them to make a vertical integration in order to absorb activities what were outsourced before. The vision was clear since their beginnings: be a source of solutions for clients, through efficient operations.

With the passing of the years, they were surrounded by human capital that joined them at DINCO and also of the technical and technological resources that in present times, give them the quality to be one of the cutting edge businesses in the global market.

Nowadays, DINCO has ISO 9000:2015 and ASME BPVC certifications, supported by a team of professionals in different fields: strong financial and economy expert, experienced business manager, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, architects, maintenance technicians, quality engineers, projects managers and a strong team for operations.

The solutions from DINCO are mainly seen in two ways, the first one is addressed to the industry through bolted structure manufacturing, mechanical equipment, ASME tanks and specialized platework for mining, oil, gas and transformation industry. The second of their solutions is for commerce with the offering of turnkey construction of residential, commercial, industrial and educational buildings. A distinctive characteristic of DINCO is that 100% of the electrical energy consumed comes from renewable energy.

Among the most important functions of the  technical team are the projects 3D Modeling, the automatic creation of programs to Process on CNC equipments, smart verification of structural elements, project management, production preparation (time scheduling and optimization of production routes), beams and plates nesting, real time production follow-up, productivity analysis, complete tracing management and correct shipment to site. Therefore, operation is supported on a complete, digital and optimized management for steel construction, that is 4.0 Industry compatible.

The technology and process that DINCO implements on project development, warranties total precision on their products and services, reflecting on 100% time and 100% complete deliveries.

Our current commitment is to continue solving the needs of a growing industry worldwide and that all our executed projects are a benchmark in the metal-mechanic field, always reliable.