Renewable and Solar Energy

Renewable Energy at DINCO avoids CO2 waste into the environment

With technological and industrial progress in our current era, the human being depends on enormous quantities of energy for the purposes of doing everyday activities. Along that, and fortunately, it has gradually appeared to have a higher conscience on the use of renewable energy, such as solar energy, as it is considered it has no environmental impact using it. 

Not only people individually choose this road, so do businesses. As of now, the implementation of renewable energies play a role in the importance of waste reduction, such as CO2, in benefit of the population and the planet in general.

The whole industry, including steel transformation, has taken decisions and actions to adapt to the new times that change at high speed and in a dynamic way. It is in this one, such as the other industries, that one cannot think just in producing, there have to be new ways of production that keep respecting the environment.

Global Warming, Need for Renewable Energies

One of the main causes of global warming that directly relates with human activity is the presence of greenhouse effect gases (such as carbon dioxide and their harmful effect) in the atmosphere. Even if in 2020 these emissions were reduced by 5.3% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still have a huge task to keep reducing C02 levels worldwide.

At DINCO, we are conscious of this generalized problem, and we work in helping the aforementioned decrease, hence why that in our plant 100% of electric energy comes from renewable energy and our installations are 100% powered by solar energy, which has avoided 450 tons of carbon dioxide to be sent to the environment.

We know our compromise has not ended yet, on the contrary, we are confident that with the passing of time we will work hard to keep contributing and caring for our planet throughout the use of renewable energies for resource preservation.