Without a doubt, this 2022 is for DINCO a year of growth and development. After the COVID-19 pandemic in which economy and businesses worldwide were affected, nevertheless industries have taken their course and the development and growth keep going.

In this sense, DINCO is no exception and in face of the challenges that the world crises presented we keep working with effort throughout all this time for our customer’s total satisfaction.

At DINCO we are preparing to receive the Nozomi Raz robot, coming from Italy, which specifications define it as the best option for structural forms and rounded tubes manufacturing, supported by a high definition plasma cutting system.

There are very limited amount of Nozomi Raz robots operating in Mexico and DINCO will be soon serving the market with one of them. The innovative True Hole technology adopted by this system, makes thermal cuts for mechanical openings, welding preparations and bolt holes highly efficient.

As an extra advantage, the plasma torch can be used for piece marking, orientation, elements location, welding symbols, and any important information.

One of the Nozomi robot specifications is that this potent piece of machinery is equipped with a CNC macros library to generate cutting routines more efficiently.

At DINCO we are proud in being one of the few companies that count with this cutting-edge technology to process structural profiles and piping elements with high precision, and contribute to keep our guarantee: 100% precise and trust in our projects.