Código ASME, Manufactura de Tanque

ASME Code, Tanks Manufacturing at DINCO

One of DINCO’s main labors is a fabrication for several kinds of industries, which we have been able to develop for more than a decade. In this sense, one of our manufacturing distinctive is tanks under the ASME Code.

The under-pressure design and manufacturing have been studied since the XVIII century, which, along time established the base for the development of norms, standards, and codes that rule actual design and fabrication. It is believed that Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person to develop an under pressure vessel in 1495, even though the rise happens in the XVIII century thanks to the Industrial Revolution.

In present times, the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BVPC) is a norm that establishes rules for the design, fabrication, and inspection of boiler and pressure vessels, which indicate that whey will have an extended useful life, assuring the protection of operators and/or users.

The ASME seal is a standard for the level of quality required in this type of tank, and it is considered a better practice for the industry to use equipment with such certification as well. In addition, this is not only for pressure tanks but also for the accessories used with pressure vessels.

DINCO’s manufacturing of these types of tanks is tailor-made with the client’s indications, with the objective of being used in an optimal way for specifically required meets.  We use ASME-approved welding procedures and materials, along with several tests to demonstrate security.

The main function of the pressure vessel is to store dangerous substances under high pressure, which is the reason why it most counts with the highest security for users. Those pressure vessels, that have the ASME distinctive, offer the guarantee that the tank is built in an adequate manner, having the required standards in mind.

In terms of security, the industry cannot and should not run any risks. It is necessary to have the guarantee that the pressure vessels were built with all of these in mind, so many future problems can be avoided.

The ASME code is an international certification recognized by professional experts from several industry sectors, in which pressure vessel standards must be meticulously fulfilled with the highest guarantee in terms of design, fabrication, quality, and security.

At DINCO, we have continuously manufactured pressure vessels under the ASME code, obtaining the recognition of not only our clients but also contributing to the development of successful projects worldwide, 100% trustworthy and secure.