Modelado 3D


With the technological advancements in the last century, all types of industries benefited. Engineering and construction are no exception to this. Those projects of yesteryear had open the path to other amazing and novel ones, helping the human being to build large, solid, and resistant structures. In those advancements, we can find 3D Modeling.

Several design programs along with 3D Modeling are a tool that cannot be missing in sectors linked to industry and construction. This technology benefits in a great manner to engineering projects.

3D Modeling is a technique used to create or design three-dimensional forms (hence the name) through computer programs. Any business considered modern, and according to the purpose of its products, use this type of modeling to design an infinite amount of things. In the design and architecture fields, the application of 3D Modeling mainly drives commercial products.

In the automotive and mechanical industry, models or parts of it are created with this technology. Parts that will be later assembled to check on their functionality as a complete system.

3D Modeling offers images very close to how projects will be seen in reality, guaranteeing a quick and secure integration. This means it is possible to see the result of a project before it is built and makes it tangible. This is the reason it is an excellent tool to improve the final product quality and can reduce production costs.

Among DINCO’s technical equipment functions, you can find 3D Modeling, the automatic creation of programs for process machinery, smart verification of pieces to produce and project management. Bolted steel structures are modeled in 3D by a team of expert engineers which labor and professionalism make DINCO a business recognized by this labor.