Metallurgy and Telecommunications

Metallurgy and telecommunications are intertwined with each other, as the first has properties and elements used in many structures that support the second one. Along with the metallurgic industry, steel is an ally of mining, oil, and gas for the same reason. It is fabricated under controlled standards and very precise norms.

Steel is the result of an alloy between iron and carbon. The field of specialized metallurgy in production is the iron and steel industry. The present world, without steel structures, would not be possible as they help enterprises around the world. In addition, steel is present in lots of day-to-day utensils.

The efficacy of steel structures is based on the pieces that made them be designed with the adequate form that resists compression, which generates support, along with the necessary sturdiness.

In the case of telecommunications, metallurgy, iron, and Steel are their unchangeable allies. It does not only deals with transmission towers made of steel, but this type of industry also requires many structures of this material that support several equipments.

The telecommunications rooms must have an adequate temperature for the equipment being stored. In order to make it, air conditioners must work in optimal conditions and have the specific support they require. These types of steel structures are now one of DINCO’s specialties.

Today, our commercial relationship with one of the leading IT providers worldwide, gives our steel structures the proof of quality for this industry. DINCO’s 3D Modeling and CNC processing allow to design and manufacture critical parts according to the specific and technical requirements under strict quality standards.

We could finally say that metallurgy, iron, and Steel are the cornerstone of the telecommunications value chain.