The Nozomi Raz Robot specializes in fabrication, cutting and assembly of steel pieces with an extreme precision, and to create a perfect assembly the previous cut must be impeccable. The equipment to make this type of cutting is of the best technology and the result reflects it as well.

At DINCO we have already installed the powerful Nozomi Raz robot by FICEP. It is part of our industrial machinery destined for steel processing and a 9-axis CNC thermal cut automatic robot.

The Nozomi Raz Robot is the perfect tool for structural profiles fabrication thanks to its technology and precision. Its cutting-edge characteristics define it as an optimal choice in terms for structural profiles fabrication and rounded tubes with plasma thermal cut.

The True Hole technology allows the thermal cut of mechanical openings, rounding, welding preparations and bolt holes to be highly efficient. Thanks to the Nozomi cutting speed, the time can be reduced up to eight times, which reduces operating costs.

The equipment precision allows it to make cope, castellated, beveled and scuttled cuts, and assembly layouts. It allows beveling pieces thanks to the True Hole technology, along with special tags and part numbers. The plasma torch helps piece marking with location, orientation, and welding symbols inside the same thermal processing cell.

The robot’s capacity to use the thermal cut technology by high-definition plasma along with an automatic torch changer amplifies the productivity and versatility of any structural steel application.

Part of the products and services that DINCO offers are steel structures with an assembly precision of 100%. The Nozomi Raz robot is now a part of DINCO’s plant and is the best technology currently available in the market.