Metallurgic boiler


Metallurgic industry benefits

Metallurgy is defined as the group of techniques used to extract contained metals in minerals and transforms them. As well as the group of installations and businesses dedicated to the extraction and transformations of metals. One of DINCO’s main services.

If we refer to its benefits, we can find that they include the exploitation of science, technology, and natural resources to obtain industrial minerals and metals. Metallurgy generates jobs, and riches and contributes to the countries’ development. It also contributes to the generation of diverse products and alloys. Let us remember that metals are always present in our daily life activities, in the objects we use or in the spaces we find.

Metallurgic projects are developed centuries ago with the purpose of manufacturing long-lasting and strong tools. As of today, its uses range in different areas. The metallurgic industry includes the manufacturing of diverse products that go from basic metal shapes up to more complex tools and machinery as material for electric and electronic equipment, along with construction.

As a business in the metal-mechanic field, DINCO offers solutions for the mining, metallurgic, and oil and gas industries, along with commerce solutions with turnkey constructions for residential, commercial, industrial, and educational buildings.

Our bolted steel structures for this kind of project, including metallurgic projects, are 100% trustworthy and precise, and our clients in different parts of the world agree.

DINCO uses metallurgic industry products (metal bars and plates) as prime material.

DINCO’s benefits

The benefits of these structures for metallurgic projects are 3D Modeling with interference elimination, products, and processes with ASME and ISO 9001:2015 certification, and advancement reports in real-time.

As well, we offer advancement reports in real-time. We are experts in bolted connections for high-speed assembly, we provide on-site delivery to remote locations with precise timing and reliability, a low carbon footprint in our project execution, along with a big capacity available for our projects’ reception and execution.

That is why DINCO has positioned itself as a business with world-class technology, capable of providing diverse metallurgic projects with the tools and equipment necessary to be 100% trustworthy, achieving the recognition of our clients.