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Vertiv and DINCO: A Powerful Alliance For Latin America

To refer to Vertiv is to refer to a business recognized worldwide. It’s focused products and services on the telecommunications industry are synonymous with success cases.

In the month of July, Vertiv arrived to Mexico with a manufacturing plant that, also was their biggest investment outside of Ohio. This plant located on Finsa Industrial Park in the municipality of Santa Catarina, in the state of Nuevo León. According to their reports, it generated 1500 jobs along of creating Engineering labs in Monterrey city, along with an Investigation and Development Center in Apodaca.

Vertiv, Information Technology Provider

Vertiv is a provider of solutions for continuity and critical digital infrastructure, such as data warehouses, which are electronic warehouses where organizations and businesses guard huge quantities of information. The stored data must be stored in a secure and reliable way with administrative ease. Is one of the most important elements for businesses in the telecommunications field, as the focus all the data with a special design to use this information.

For Vertiv, a very important point in their operation is the competitiveness of its collaborators. Vertiv’s investment in our country corresponds to the Direct Foreign Investment (FDI), it is an industry that is directly linked to Information Technologies and plan to make Nuevo Leon its operations center for all of Latin-America.

Vertiv and DINCO in a commercial relationship

Today, DINCO’s commercial relationship with Vertiv, one of the Latin-America main IT providers, is proof of our quality and 100% trust-worthiness of our steel structures for industry.

DINCO’s experience and capacity in projects with cutting-edge technology, along with guaranteed precision of structures made with perfect and secure cutting, had made Vertiv to choose us as a qualified collaborator to add value to their products and services. That is why it honors us to be part of Vertiv’s chain value in benefits to its Latin-American clients.

Our products offer solutions to the telecommunications industry. DINCO’s entire Human and technical equipment is at the service of this field to provide engineering answers that make the IT sector in the continent grow.