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Mining in Mexico in 2023

Mining is a relevant industry worldwide, not just Mexico. This sector has a rich history along with a huge variety of mineral resources. As of today, Mexico is one of the world’s biggest producers for silver (first place worldwide) and copper, along with producing other high value minerals such as zinc and gold.

According to government report, our country is among the 10 main producers of 16 different materials, such as silver, bismuth, fluorite, wollastonite, cadmium, molybdenum, lead, zinc, diatomite, salt, baryta, graphite, gypsym, gold and copper

Another relevant fact is that Mexico is the first destination in Latin-America, and the fourth world wide for mining exploration, this according to a report published by SNL Metals & Mining.

The World Tendencies Exploration report, published by the S&P Global Market Intelligence, signals the world investment in mining exploration had a recovery in 2021. By regions, Latin-America kept being the main investment destination for exploration with a 24% of the world total, and Mexico has the first place, followed by Chile, Peru and Brazil.

Mexico also is the fifth country to make mining businesses, according to a report by the Behre Dolbear Consulting Group, and this was made known in the Mexican government ‘s web site.

This branch of economy is very important as it contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GNP) and generates jobs. According to the Department of Economy, the mining-metallurgic sector contributes 2.5% of the GNP. However, along with other sector, it also faces to problems such as environmental pressure, investments and regulatory uncertainty. About environmental pressure, industry must continue evolving with the goal of boarding this problem to guarantee the sustainable production of minerals.

About the tendency of 2023, this will depend on several things, such as the world economy course, international and local politics, along with the world demand that the world requires.

*Data as of November 2022.