Metal Mechanic and Mining Industry

To talk about the metal mechanic and mining industries is to speak of two important sectors of the economy, which also are related to each other. The metal mechanic industry is in charge of manufacturing tools and machinery used in mining, while mining is the industry dedicated to the extraction of minerals and metals, which are used as prime materials for the metal mechanic industry.

The metal mechanic industry is composed of diverse áreas such as the manufacture of tools for precise cutting and heavy machinery and the construction of metallic structures, etc. This industry provides these elements not only to mining but also to other fields such as energy, construction, transportation, agriculture, and industry in general

On the other side, the mining sector takes care of the extraction of metals and minerals such as gold silver, lead, zinc, and iron, among others. Such minerals would be used as the prime material for the manufacture of metal mechanic industry products such as tools and machinery. This way, mining is necessary to obtain resources to produce machinery for the metal mechanic industry.

The metal mechanic industry fabricates an extensive spectrum of tools and machinery used in mining, such as drills, hammers, wheels, mining trucks, frontal chargers, tows, excavators, pumps, and vent equipment, among others. These are only some of the tools and machinery made by the metal mechanic industry for mining, even though many others are used by this sector, depending on the specific needs of each mining project.

For the world economy, both sectors are of great importance, and as previously explained, interconnected.

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